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  • Marta
  • m_sudyk@yahoo.ca 
  • MessageHi Anjna, I’m happy to write a review for you. You helped me so much and I feel much better. All my blood test results are normal, and I got off thyroid medications. You are very professional, helpful, positive and friendly! Thank you so much!!! Thank you, Marta 


Email Address andi_foshay@hotmail.com

I went to Anjna for a reiki session a couple days ago. I could feel the positive energy flowing through me within the first few seconds. I have been under a lot of stress due to my husband being extremely ill. I now feel absolutely amazing!! She definitely knows what she is doing! My husband and I will now be going to her on a regular basis. I highly recommend her!!!!!

  1. Libra Eleta-Maria Phoenix Rising

10:54 PM on June 19, 2019  by libraphoenixrising@gmail.com

My level 2 Rekie class with Anjna was a game changer! I learned key components to healing and spiritual concepts that made me think and feel differently about energy. I thoroughly enjoyed the intimate class sizes and hands on lessons. Anjna teaching style builds the confidence needed to believe and practice Rekie. I can?t wait to take level 3!



1:50 AM on June 18, 2019  by janazv@shaw.ca

I had Reiki classes with Anjna. I really enjoyed them, Anjna was very knowledgeable of the subject and I will definitely continue with further levels. Strongly recommended.


11:34 AM on April 22, 2019 

Deborah says…

The therapies with Anjna are healthy and relaxing. She is a person who knows her work very well, gives advice on how to live better in harmony. Totally recommended.


8:06 PM on January 26, 2017  by Lilymarlene42@hotmail.com

I have received Reiki from Anjna and have found it so relaxing for the body and mind. It has also helped heal a few issues I have had in my body. Anjna is a very caring person and I would recommend Reiki from her anytime.


  1. We are brought together at times under circumstances that seem like chance encounters. That�??s how it was when I met Anjna at a Farmers Market. Having never been there before and being close to the end of the day, I was briskly making my way through the series of tables and booths�?�there she was. Immediately I was drawn by Anjna�??s presence, and the services she offered that were displayed. After an informative chat, I put my name down for being interested in a Reiki treatment and her teaching of it as well as vegetarian cooking. Prior to this I had been interested in Reiki and had the ancient belief that when the student was ready the teacher will appear. Believing I was ready but also wanted to ensure that my teacher would be the right fit for me to learn from. I then booked a Reiki treatment with Anjna and that solidified the answer to my Quest. From that day, I have completed my Reiki 1 to 3a Degrees and will continue with my teachings with Anjna. The wealth of knowledge and experience along with the passion for teaching she brings to each lesson sparks a desire to be apart of change to share this beautiful gift. Whether one is seeking healing, wanting to learn Reiki or take in a cooking class, Anjna is my recommendation for you. Thank you with Showers of Love and Blessings-Anjna! Jane Hoppen Okotoks, AB
  2. Kelly Deveau

3:54 AM on March 14, 2020  by kjdeveau@yahoo.ca

Such a calming experience. I have had chronic pain for 12 years following a car accident. I have gone through just about every treatment and therapy out there and have only ever seen short term results. Having Reiki with Anjna and following her breathing and meditation exercises at home has completely calmed my overactive nervous system. Reiki is a perfect compliment to any treatment you are having.



8:28 AM on December 23, 2019  by lyndseychiasson@outlook.com

I had 3 reiki treatments with Anjna in December 2019. I found the whole experience incredibly uplifting and empowering. My anxiety levels dropped significantly after my first treatment and continued to do so, while my self esteem, confidence and overall sense of peace increased. Anjna is knowledgeable, super experienced and has a genuine interest in healing people. I�??m happy I found her and happy to recommend her.


Libra Eleta-Maria Phoenix Rising

10:59 AM on November 20, 2019  by libraphoenixrising@gmail.com

I always enjoy myself when learning with Anjna. I sincerely appreciate her teaching style and serious approach to the healing arts. In addition to hands on learning , my peers and I received an informative manual on Reiki along with a beautiful certificate upon completion. Receiving my masters has opened up a world of possibilities moving forward into my future. Sincerely Libra P.R

My level 2 Rekie class with Anjna was a game changer! I learned key components to healing and spiritual concepts that made me think and feel differently about energy. I thoroughly enjoyed the intimate class sizes and hands on lessons. Anjna teaching style builds the confidence needed to believe and practice Rekie. I can?t wait to take level 3!



7:19 PM on November 10, 2019  by Lindsaydurand53@gmail.com

I received reiki treatments from Anjna a few weeks ago and she was very warm, caring and kind. She has really helped me heal from migraines since having treatment and I would recommend Anjna to anyone who wants to try reiki


  1. Reydean

Email Address rdrivey@gmail.com

Message I had the privilege of having three sessions with Anjna personally and from that moment I wanted to learn more. My experience on the table was so much more than I knew to expect. After seeing Anjna, my entire family tested positive for COVID and yet I did not have a single symptom. I was amazed and believe that it’s because of the Reiki healing I received. I took my level one training and have booked my level two near end of March. Thank you to Anjna for sharing all your knowledge and experiences. Truly a gift from God.



10:14 PM on May 4, 2021


  1. I have been receiving reiki treatments and aura cleansing from Anjna. I also attended her meditation classes and a workshop on emotional release. I deal with different mental illnesses and difficulties letting go of emotions. All the treatments I have received from Anjna so far have greatly helped me with my issues and help me feel a sense of peace and renewal. Incorporating what I have learned from her meditation classes into my daily practice allows me to have more clarity and allows me to process my emotions more effectively. At the time of my first reiki healing session with Anjna, my chakras were quite out of balance and misaligned. With repeated treatments, I am proud to say they are being healed, balanced, and coming closer to being in alignment. I feel more grounded and in tune with myself and to my connection with the Divine. I am so happy with the results I have achieved so far with the reiki treatments that I decided to become a student of Anjna�??s so I can learn to do reiki myself and be able to use it to help myself and on friends and family as well. Anjna is a guiding light in my life that I really needed when I was feeling very alone, lost, and isolated. She is incredibly wise, kind, compassionate, and understanding. She helps me find the confidence that I know I have and inspires me to realize my full potential. Anjna�??s attitude of warmth and compassion inspires me to heal the relationships in my life that have been challenging. Anjna inspires me with wisdom that I may not yet understand in the moment, but as I grow and develop, her lessons integrate and always make sense when the time is right for me to integrate her teachings. I am so thankful for all the healing and lessons I have learned from Anjna so far and look forward to deepening my skills and practice with Anjna in the future.


10 Travis

8:43 PM on February 9, 2021 

My overall Experience and time spent with Anjna was one of Total Bliss, love and Harmony. Her energy is Extremely welcoming is the first thing I noticed when I entered her business place. I first tried a 1hr Reiki treatment with her and i felt so light, calm, my mind was very clear and it was a relaxing experience. I enjoyed the Treatment so much that I ended up learning 3 Levels of her Classes and she knows how to teach Reiki with her vast knowledge in this Field. I highly recommend her for Natural Healing and Wellness in the Calgary and surrounding areas. You will feel the power of her healing hands and you will get better improvements in your health matters by the grace of God.