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Energy healing:

As a young girl I wanted to be a Dr. and could not go for medicine but had a natural urge to help. When I came to know about Mother Teresa and Dr. Switzer, I was having goose bumps  in my body. Way back in 82 I was very sick and in hospital for 6 weeks and 6 weeks at home before I could go to work again. My journey for healing started then. I Learned Yoga, Breathing and  meditation and practised it. Then In 96 I came to know about  energy healing and I was for it knowing that it is something related to healing one’s self and others. So I learned reiki and pranic healing and started teaching and treating clients. 

 Why go for  energy healing ?

It has faster results compared to  other modalities.  

2.No side effects.

3.Can be practised anywhere  at any time 

4.Once learned, remain with the person for a time.

5. Blends with all therapies

6. Can be used for plants and animals 

Preconditions for receiving treatment and learning:

Open mind to receive it in its purest form. 

Pranic healing: 

  1. A method of healing all kinds of physical and  mental diseases without medicine, side effects, pain or touch

      2.Energy present in the universe is used for the treatment of human aura (bio-plasmic body).

  1. It is believed that disease first manifests in aura and then in the physical body, so cleansing and energising the aura heals. 

      4. By cleansing aura, diseased energy, germs and viruses get swept away from the body and the        holes and cracks in outer aura can be sealed to stop leakage of energy— pran-shakti–

     5. At the same time we can strengthen the aura. 

  1. no special skill or educational background is required to learn.

What Is Reiki?

Rei means universal or cosmic and ki means energy. So it is cosmic energy or universal life force energy that  pervads in  the whole Universe . We invoke  it and use it for healing ourselves and others. We can say it is divinely guided energy also 

It is written on the Dr. Usui  memorial— founder of Reiki” Secret art of inviting happiness, Miraculous medicine for all ailments.”

Medical field recognition  

       1. Dr Oz said in one of his shows that Energy healing will be a big leap in the  medical field . 

       2. For continuing education it is approved for nurses and massage therapists. 

3. Reiki has been recognised  in 1200 hospitals in the USA  as a complementary and alternative                   therapy.

4. Lot of researches are going on at National Institute of Health in USA

There is no ailment known that can not be treated with reiki.   When we treat a client, we use various  symbols to heal different Issues, and send distance healing.  Heal the past and send for future goals , heal at cellular level, child abuse, unconscious pattern,  sexual abuse, l codependency,  help heal relationship ,Heal fear and panic attacks, develop good habits, heal Insomnia , clear mind, clear room energy.  bring determination , improve learning ability, heal communication, increase creativity,Creating priority, claim own power.


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