Professional Reiki Treatments & Teaching; Pranic Healing treatments & teaching since 24 years; group Healing, Therapeutic Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Pranayama since more than 30 years,   Mindfulness Meditation & Chakra  Meditation, Healing Mudras, Quit Smoking help, Emotional release, group healing, healing inner child, anger management and Intuitive counselling specially related to stress, anxiety, traumas and self-esteem related issues. I have added ancestral healing and Energy clearing at home or work place with Karuna  Reiki.
I use appropriate modalities for my clients to get best and long lasting results.

As a part of healthy life style.  I teach East Indian Vegetarian/vegan/gluten free cooking classes also.  

My all services are in person and online.

403-201-1514 ;  text: 403-926-8675
#3401-16969-24th street S W Calgary  Alberta T2Y 0L2

Some thing New is here:

With my natural interest in cooking and experience of 54 years; of vegetarian cooking,  I have prepared a downloadable recipes book--- $20 ----Easiest East Indian  Vegetarian Recipes  Easiest East Indian vegetarian Recipes book with  vegan and gluten free options. 

As a healer, I have included BENEFITS OF VEGETARIAN DIET, SOME CAUTIONS AND TIPS WHILE TURNING VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN AND THE SOURCES OF BALANCED DIET. The spices to use are for taste, flavour, good digestion, and have medicinal usages according to Indian Ayurveda.

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Experience Powerful Healing

In Person  or  From Long Distance

Stress Reduction


Balancing Energy Flow

Raising Self Esteem

Achieving Goals

Spiritual Awakening 

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Immediate effects of treatment: 

Smooth breathing,

Lowered, regulated heart rate

More Energy and lightness of body at the same time.

Pain reduction, relaxation and peacefulness of mind. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a very  simple holistic method of natural healing, known as a Japanese hands on healing. It is pronounced as ray-kee. Rei means universal or cosmic and ki means energy. This energy  exists everywhere and flows through each of us. It is the energy used for healing without any side effects and blends with all other therapies and enhances their  benefits. 

As such it is an ancient method of healing but with time it was lost. At the end of  the 19th century, Dr. Mikao Usui refound it in Japan and from there it came to north America and spread all over the world.

Reiki helps to heal all kinds of ailments. One needs to have an open mind to experience it 'as it is.'

As we all know, stress is a main factor for almost all health issues, which can effect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Reiki is there to help by stress removal and relaxation to bring the balance. Once balance is achieved and natural rhythm is acquired, the symptoms of all ailments start to dissipate.

Reiki can be used for ailments such as asthma, allergies,blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, digestion, ulcers, cancer, insomnia, arthritis, joint pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, back pain, migraines, headaches, fibromyalgia, M.S., addictions, alcoholism, ADHD, depression etc. 

For Cancer: Maintenance of energy level and  to minimize side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation.

Injuries and Accidents: Removal of trauma from cellular level memory and faster rehabilitation.

Pre-surgery waits: Pain relief, coping with daily routine and strengthening immune system.

Post Surgery: Faster recovery and rehabilitation.

Stroke: Speeds up recovery and rehabilitation by removing trauma at cellular level memory.

Reiki is useful in fertility problems, during pregnancy and child birth.

For children with special needs Reiki can aid with problems like autism, aspergers, sensory integration disorder, anxiety, concentration, behavior issues, socially connecting problem, hyperactivity etc.

For sports: Remain well focused, energized and agile to be a good sportsman, minimize injuries and heal faster.

Reiki can also help with pain relief, removes  healing blocks, phobias, abuse issues, trauma, despair and grief. 


Reiki is excellent for animals and plants.

During treatment the client rests comfortably on a massage table fully clothed. Soft music gets played. The therapist lays hands on different parts of the body or keeps them slightly above the body parts. The client may feel heat, cold or tingling sensations.

Treatment lasts for an hour and 15 minutes. Most of the time the client falls asleep  during  treatment.

Post treatment discussion is about the effect felt and further treatment plan. I may teach few exercises, yoga poses or breathing exercises as a bonus for clients to do at home to  aid further healing, and some dietary suggestions as needed.

Anyone wishing to learn and help one's self and others, can learn it without any bar of age, religion, creed, cast, culture, education or occupation.  Once learned, Reiki remains for life time with the person

Ph. NO: 403-201-1514     403-926-8675

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Heart Burn was gone. Last night I felt like sending Reiki to one of my student and friend sufferingn from lyme dises and called me in the morning telling about all her problems and mentioned that she is not workng due to her problems. I sent her Reiki about 9.30 pm. This morning I felt like calling her and ask give her some information on Meditation retreat and just mentioned that I felt like sending Reiki to her and sent for about 20 minutes. She laughed and told me that in the evening she had heart burn and did not eat. but just before 10 pm. her heart burn suddenly was gone and than she could eat!!!!! I just sent her reiki with the intention of it to work for her highest good and where she needed it most. and she got the result. Reiki is amazing.